Choking Bundle!!

BLVD of Choking Screams ALBUM BUNDLE 3 ALBUM BUNDLE Get the Full EROTICS FIX!! Contains the new EROTICS EP 'Boulevard of Choking Screams' plus the albums 'RUBBISH' and 'TODAY THE DEVIL TOMORROW THE WORLD'.


Blvd of Choking Screams!!

THE EROTICS RETURN SCREAMING w/NEW EP Albany, New York's Monsters of Low Strung, Dirty Rock n Roll - THE EROTICS, have once again teamed up with the UK's BIG ZEE MUSIC and TRASHPIT RECORDS to unleash upon the world, perhaps their most brutal and down right obnoxious collection of horror punk, sleaze tinged musical masterpieces yet!


Alice Cooper Before He Found Religion!!!!

-- Dirty, sleazy rock 'n' roll. Makes me wanna go out, get wasted and wake up in the morning with a banging head, wondering who the fuck that is in my bed!

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